Milly Thomas

handcrafted . slow . jewellery


Rose Wild

Board of wing, strong of heart. Deliverer of Dreams.

Hand embossed with illustration and pattern, one by one.

Once Upon a Time

An undulating and organic inner profile, contrasts the flattened face of these bangles.

Each is individually created, making no two follow the same flow or form.

Naked Eternity

A pause, with the quiet and beautiful contrast of this band's nudity.



" I live in Geelong, a part of the world where the coast is wild, windswept and reminiscent of Harvey Keitel 'Piano' in it's beauty. Its quite a spectacular winter coastline when viewed for the first time. And my love for it endures.

I have a deep apprecaition of doodling and much of my work evolves from my drawings, which tend to meander and wander through the rhythms created by visual repetition and pattern.

My studio remains the messy centre of my creative energy, where I handcraft the pieces I share with you here. "


by appointment

Boom Makers . 14 Rutland Street . Newtown